Intro to Periscope 2.4

We’re pleased to announce the release of latest evolution of our Energy Dashboard, Periscope 2.4. This new version has been enhanced with numerous features to support customers in reducing energy consumption, engaging their building occupants in reducing waste and showing the effectiveness of retrofit savings projects. These new enhancements include:

  • Periscope Mobile – Periscope Mobile allows Periscope Viewlets to be accessible across major mobile platforms including iOS and Android devices. You are no longer tied to a computer to view facility metrics and energy consumption.
  • Energy Profiling Viewlet – The Energy Profiling Viewlet allows users to quickly drill into their meter data, and identify and compare individual days across the same time spans, This is a powerful tool for users who want to dive deep into their energy consumption patterns and discover opportunities for improvement.
  • Utility Bill Manager – The Utility Bill Manager is a new HTML5 web application within Periscope that provides an easy to use interface to manage utility bills. Bills can be added, viewed, edited, and removed with this application by non-technical staff, allowing Periscope to help simplify managing this aspect of your energy program.

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