The Activelogix Story:

For many years in our Building and Energy Automation industry, products had been proprietary and required cumbersome tools and exclusive service providers. Then the Internet happened… Progressive hardware and software companies began asking why this paradigm existed and in the late 1990s a startup company Tridium released a software infrastructure called the NiagaraAX Framework. Our founders, Jack, Darryl and Greg recognized the significance of this software and  quickly joined Tridium to help bring about change to the industry. As the industry embraced the technology and Tridium released its API, Jack and Darryl set out to start their own businesses; distributing, supporting and developing products built on the NiagaraAX Framework. In early 2005, Greg joined Darryl and Jack and the merged business began to grow as Activelogix. Today we are recognized as an industry leader in technology design, product distribution and support and our Periscope Dashboard energy software is distributed around the world and in 7 languages. We are also blessed with some of the best employees in our industry.

What We Do:

We are a team of experienced technical people delivering intuitive, secure solutions to view and control networked comfort, security and energy devices. We also enjoy creating analytics and designing visualizations to save energy, reduce waste and create efficiencies.

Who We Serve:

Progressive Contractors, Service Companies, Original Equipment Manufacturers and Advanced End Users with desire to connect devices, build flexible products, create efficiencies and provide superior customer support to their customers.