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IoT Roadshow Gearing Up

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Distech Controls, Acuity Brands, and Periscope invite you to a premier learning and networking event – connect, converse and share.

The Connecting for the Internet of Things Building conferences are immersive half-day events custom-designed for architects, consulting engineers, building owners and managers on the lookout for leading solutions. These events unite the best and the brightest to share high-value content, including industry best-practices, new product highlights and ideas for inspiring visionary thinking around your Internet of Things Building.

Click here to learn where these events will be held, and to register!

2015 World Energy Engineering Congress is Approaching

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The 38th World Energy Engineering Congress to be held at the Orange County Convention Center (Hall South B), Orlando, FL is approaching! WEEC is well-recognized as the most important energy event of national and international scope for end users and energy professionals. Activelogix will be exhibiting in this event at booth #837. Use the free pass below and stop by to say hello!

Wednesday, September 30th from 10am – 6pm, &
Thursday, October 1st from 10am – 4pm.

Fort Mill School District Wins South Carolina Energy Project of the Year

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Fort Mill School District (FMSD) has won the Energy Project of the Year award for their continued focus on improving their energy performance above and beyond state mandated levels. Through a number of programs FMSD has been able to dramatically reduce their energy consumption and has achieved the state’s 20% reduction by 2020 goal well ahead of time.

In support of this goal Activelogix was retained by FMSD to work on optimizing the BAS system. The goals of this project were clear: increased occupant comfort, better control of the buildings and significant energy savings. With these goals in mind and in conjunction with FMSD team members the existing systems were evaluated, upgrade solutions were selected and these solutions were implemented. The implemented solution include the following:

  • Upgrade from Niagara R2 to AX – The Niagara software that is the core of the district’s BAS was upgraded from the R2 version to the latest version AX.  This upgrade provides significant new functionality and reliability in how the building is controlled and the level of data that can be extracted from the building.
  • Retro-commission the Building Automation System – The retro-commissioning of the BAS system ensured that the BAS was, in fact, programmed properly and controlling the building optimally.
  • Implement Facility Scheduling – A facility scheduling functionality was added to the system so that administrators could easily shut off parts of the building that were not being used, while at the same time power up specific areas for special events (ie Basketball games in the gym).
  • Automate Critical Building Alarms – The BAS was configured to generate alarms when certain conditions were met, and these alarms would then automatically alert the proper personnel to address them before they became more serious issues.
  • Provide an Energy Dashboard – A key to an effective energy management program is engaging the community as a whole in your reduction goals.  The energy dashboard provides a real time view into energy consumption across the district, and can be used to drive competitions, to foster learning in the classroom and highlight important aspects of the sustainability program.
  • Driving Future Design Specifications – Ensuring that these optimizations continue in the future is important to the ongoing success of this program.  In keeping with this an effort was made to improve future design specifications that would align with these optimizations.

“The initial results of this program have been impressive as we’ve met our 20% energy reduction goal well ahead of state requirements,” said Mike Robbins, Building and Grounds Supervisor at FMSD. “As a district we’re excited to move into the next phase of this project and continue to outperform our goals.”

Activelogix Releases Periscope 2.4

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Charlotte, NC – April 2, 2015  – Activelogix LLC, a leading provider of Internet-based enterprise automation solutions, announced today the release of the latest version of the Periscope Energy Dashboard solution.  Now in its 6th year, Periscope has become the leading Niagara-centric dashboard solution worldwide, with installations in Europe, Asia, Scandinavia, Africa, and the Americas.

Periscope 2.4 has been enhanced with numerous features to support customers in reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint, to engage building occupants in reducing waste and to show the effectiveness of retrofit savings projects.  These new features include:

  • Periscope Mobile – Periscope Mobile allows certain Periscope Viewlets to be accessible across major mobile platforms including iOS and Android devices. You are no longer tied to a computer to view facility metrics and energy consumption.
  • Energy Profiling Viewlet – This new Viewlet enables users to quickly drill into their meter data, identify anomalies, and discover opportunities for improved energy management.
  • Utility Bill Manager – Utility Bill Manager is an HTML5 web application that provides an easy to use interface to manage utility bills. Bills can be added, edited, and removed with this interface offering an effective way to enter and access utility bill information from within Periscope.

“We feel that with Periscope 2.4 we are really pushing the envelope of user centric energy dashboards,” said Greg Barnes, Vice President Activelogix.  “With the addition of mobile capability, additional analytics and more data sources, Periscope continues to evolve to meet our customers’ growing expectations. We are very excited to offer a platform that will be a major component of our customers’ sustainability and energy programs.”


About Activelogix

Activelogix, LLC is a leading provider of Internet-based enterprise automation solu­tions for Building Intelligence, including design services, consulting, custom applications and technologies to enable management and optimization of sustainable, energy-efficient, and secure facilities in a vendor-neutral environment. For additional information see


About Periscope

Periscope is a Niagara AX based, user configurable, energy dashboard that is used to better visualize energy data and discover savings opportunities. Since its introduction in late 2008, Periscope has been installed in thousands of buildings across the globe and has become a key component in our clients’ commitments to sustainability. For additional information see

Schneider Electric wins 2014 LFI Innovation Awards for Energy Insight

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Development Partnership with Schneider Electric

Charlotte, NC – June 5, 2014 – Activelogix LLC, is pleased to announce Schneider Electric has won the Lightfair International LFI Innovation Awards® in the category of Controls, Building Integration, Site Automation and Distribution Systems for Energy Insight™.

In 2012, Activelogix working in unison with the lighting controls division of Schneider Electric began work on a new Periscope viewlet capable of displaying extensive circuit-level consumption information from one or multiple Schneider Electric panels.

This development program enables Schneider Electric clients and new or current Periscope users to upgrade their existing electric panel boards and gain access within Periscope’s extensive visualization capability to drill down to individual circuit data for current and/or historical usage, as well as combine individual circuits from multiple panels into “virtual” zones for enhanced analysis throughout a facility or enterprise.

This new product is sold and distributed by Schneider Electric through selected channels, including Activelogix LLC of Charlotte, NC, the developer of Periscope. Marketed by Schneider Electric under the product name Energy Insight™, and combining industry-leading circuit zoning capabilities, energy data analytics and a customizable dashboard, the Measurement and Verification Panel boards with Energy Insight provide facility and energy managers with more detailed visibility into energy use information. This new capability enables them to better understand how various lighting and plug load energy conservation measures perform, in turn allowing for improved energy management and opportunities for cost savings and sustainability efforts.

Since the introduction of Periscope in 2008, Activelogix has continued to add visualization apps (Viewlets) and advanced features to the core application. The availability of Energy Insight by Schneider Electric is a major addition to the product line’s offerings.

Periscope™ continues to be one of the most requested Facility Dashboards on the market today to enable smart analysis and visualization of energy and resource consumption data. Now with localization, Periscope supports eight languages and is operational in over 15 countries worldwide. Licensed for thousands of locations since its introduction in 2008, Periscope has become the leading choice of discerning clients, owners, and operators in commercial, municipal, military and educational environments.

The Schneider press release on Energy Insight™ is available here. For more information on Energy Insight and to schedule a product demonstration click here.

Periscope 2.3 Release Notes

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Periscope 2.3 is officially released!

Now completely redesigned with a new “flat” style.  This design focuses on minimalism and includes completely new icons and animations across all Viewlets.  In addition to the new style we’ve optimized several areas of Periscope to increase speed and reduce any choppiness.

Check out the new features!

Energy Dashboard