Discover How Periscope is the Best BAS Dashboard for Your Customer's Needs.

Empowering Building Contractors and Service Providers

We empower contractor, reseller and service organizations with our powerful Periscope software tools and proven support to help you deliver results cost effectively. Many customers who need to understand energy and other resources use turn to you for tools. Don’t let third party software or SaaS providers manage your customer’s data.

Data Agnostic

Periscope gathers real-time and historical data from building management systems, meters, sustainable systems, websites and external databases.

Fully Customizable

With our Viewlet architecture, a dashboard can be uniquely configured for each user.

Niagara4 or SkySpark® Based

Periscope leverages the power of either the Niagara or SkySpark platform to provide new levels of functionality and connectivity.

Highly Scalable

Periscope can scale easily and cost effectively across an entire building portfolio.

Powerful Analytics

The Periscope Viewlet library has a number of analytic Viewlets to help you better understand your building operations. Periscope now runs on the standardized semantic data model set by Project-Haystack, an open source initiative to streamline working with data from the Internet of Things.

Reseller Pricing

We offer special pricing to our resellers making it attractive to add Periscope to their business lines.

Value Added Services

As a Technology Distributor, we offer our affiliated partners a host of additional services:

  • Software – We provide a number of software applications and support to our resellers including SkyFoundry and FIN
  • Software Development – In-house software development to create any Niagara application you need
  • Data and Network Infrastructure Design – Services to design optimum infrastructures to control and monitor their buildings
  • Energy Management – Activelogix experts monitor your building data and find opportunities for energy savings

What Our Customers Are Saying

We used Periscope as a private labelled dashboarding solution. This solution allowed us to win a bid we otherwise would not have been able to participate in and led to significant pull through business.

Activelogix has partnered with us to develop a proprietary building automation technology that we are currently rolling out to our customer base and seeing significant growth with.

Activelogix expertise in data integration gave us an opportunity to bring on a customer that had previously been unable to leverage their portfolio data in a dashboard project.