Discover How Periscope is the Best School Dashboard for Your Needs.

A Strategic Energy Kiosk for Educational Facilities

Periscope is a user-configurable tool that educational institutions use to track energy usage and measure the results of sustainable initiatives. It also helps to identify saving opportunities and facilitates the communication of success stories with students and the local community. Use Periscope on kiosks in public spaces to encourage behavioral awareness. Compare the performance of different floors in a single building or sitewide across an entire campus. With easy to understand graphics available to everyone, Periscope can show anyone how to make a difference.

How Can it Help?


Enlighten and educate students and faculty on building performance and their role in reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint across campus.


Foster awareness using a variety of media including touchscreens in building lobbies and web based interactive dashboards.


Rank and benchmark your buildings against one another. Engage your students to actively participate in lowering their personal dorm energy usage!


Easily modify and adjust your dashboards to reflect changing initiatives. Everyone can have their own unique dashboard based on priorities.


Set up dashboards for individual buildings or the entire campus with context-sensitive Viewlets and an easy to use Map View.


Display and compare all relevant data including meters, building automation systems, renewable energy applications, utility bill information, and historical data.

Wake County Public Schools has been using Periscope for about 9 months and since the first installation, we have seen numerous uses for Periscope here at the school system!

Ralph Everett, Systems Analyst

Using the ranking viewlet in Periscope, we noticed that one elementary school's kW demand was much higher than its peer group. Periscope identified that the electric heat in this building was unable to quickly recover from night set back when we had an unusually cold day.

Mike Armour, Rock Hill School District, SC

Periscope is very easy to use and the staff at Activelogix is very responsive.

Rebecca Diederich, Energy Program Coordinator, NCSU