CPCC Energy Data Dashboard


Central Piedmont Community College’s (CPCC) Energy and Sustainability Director wanted a dashboard to capture a complete energy picture across the institution’s six campuses. With several electric sub-meters and Duke utility pulse meters tied into the Niagara BAS system — plus CHW and HW BTU meters for several buildings on the main campus — measuring and managing energy efficiency was a challenge.


  • Data-Driven Sustainability Approach
  • Naming convention instituted
  • Meter data consistent between meter and dashboard
  • Meter maps identify all meters and connections

The Winning Results

  • Data is visualized and analyzed via the dashboard
  • Data used with utility bill data to identify energy and greenhouse gas emission reduction opportunities
  • Provides information to support sustainability funding requests and capital improvements

The dashboard also makes it easy to create public-facing displays online and on kiosks around campus to educate students and faculty about energy usage and to promote behavioral change.