Energy Dashboard Consistency Solution


The facilities team at Kennesaw State University (KSU), were challenged to do more with less. Their funding was not expanding relative to their growing student population, and their energy dashboard wasn’t providing the consistent, real-time data they needed to improve efficiency, reduce cost or become a more sustainable institution.

The merger with Southern Polytechnic University added new challenges. They needed a way to manage additional buildings operating on different systems without adding additional personnel resources.


  • Essex built upon KSU’s Periscope energy dashboard
  • We standardized data collection for improved visualization and analysis of data for both campuses
  • Conducted complete meter inventory including communications protocol mapping
  • Verified integration data at both campuses to provide accurate and reliable readings of usage
  • Prioritized and conducted energy audits to control consumption

The Winning Results

  • Standardized data from both campuses
  • Combined best achievements from each campus in one program
  • Eliminated incorrect data readings, increased accuracy
  • Centralized data storage in periscope for improved analysis
  • Determined best meter implementation