Keeping People Comfortable

As a Property Manager, you’re tasked with managing the day-to-day operations of a building or set of buildings. Managing facilities and their tenants is difficult if you don’t have the proper tools to oversee and understand¬†daily operating conditions. Ensure your buildings are safe and comfortable with a properly maintained and configured HVAC system. Find problems that will need to be corrected to save the Property Investor money. With Periscope, you have control.

Ensure Reliable Operation

Make sure the HVAC system is in top shape providing tenants with clean, comfortable, and reliable air conditioning.

Keeping Records

Look back on how tenants have utilized resources over days, months, and years or track real-time metrics or alarms using the expansive Map View, so you can stay in the know and better plan for future needs.

Easy Scheduling

Have an event coming up? Control BAS settings and schedules right through Periscope’s UI to make sure the lights come on, and the temperature¬†is set for the big day.