Empowering the Environmentally Conscious

As a Sustainability Director, it’s important to analyze and predict your institution’s future outlook, present stability, and environmental impact. Periscope is a powerful yet approachable tool that enables comparisons between campuses, buildings and departments. For those responsible for providing an ongoing evaluation of the company’s profits, personnel, and ecological outlook, Periscope excels in fostering improved awareness.

On-the-fly Conversions

Many viewlets within Periscope have the ability to convert to other units using the “Convert To” unit selector.

Teachable Moments

With the Green Tips Viewlet, you have the power to show the general public the importance of your initiatives, and show why conservation is important in society.

Highly Scalable

Periscope’s context-sensitive architecture allows dashboard views to be duplicated automatically across sites, equipment, or any unique database component.